Monday, March 26, 2007

Now What?!

The odometer on my 1994 Honda Accord has stopped working. Add this to the list of broken things that seem pointless to fix in a car of this age: antenna, change holder, radio that works intermittently, not to mention a pretty busted-ass rear end. I planned to drive it until it gave up the ghost at or around 200K, when hopefully the price of hybrids had come down a bit, but everything has ground to a halt at 106,999. It occurs to me that missing an accurate odometer reading may somehow be illegal. Here's what the CA DMV website says:

Operation With Nonfunctional Odometer Prohibited

28050.5. It is unlawful for any person with the intent to defraud to operate a motor vehicle on any street or highway knowing that the odometer of such vehicle is disconnected or nonfunctional.
Added Ch. 1210, Stats. 1967. Effective November 8, 1967.

This is sort of vague. The title of this code indicates that it is indeed illegal to drive my car in its current condition, but the body of this code makes me think it is okay, as I have no intent to defraud anyone. I would rather spend my money on maintenance related to the car's ability to get me to work safely or perhaps our next visit to Dr. Reaper. Or really on anything else, if you must know the truth.

I did find a DIY website that lays out the steps to fix it yourself. But since my mechanical abilities are limited to replenishing the wiper fluid, I think this might be a bit beyond me.

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