Monday, February 26, 2007

What's Really Important

Oscar dresses. Check out Perez Hilton, click on "Celebrity Trash" link to the right.

Gwyneth. Loved the dress, hated the hair. So flat, so boring. I was thinking maybe a soft curl, something Veronica Lake-ish with some glam barettes or pins.

Celine. You're as crazy as they come but that was a great dress in an even greater color. Now please eat a sandwich, you're way too thin.

If you want to see how to rock a dress in your curves, check out Kate Winslet. Didn't love the dress or the color but vavoom.

Same for Rachel Weisz. Sha-wing, girl looked smoking.

Naomi Watts. Great dress color, great hair, but the black belty thing was not doing it for me. Then I found out she's with child, and felt I could forgive the belt.

Even though she had the long flat boring hair, Reese looked mega hot. Could it be the sassy bangs? I don't know--divorce becomes her.

Cameron. Blech, hated it all.

Normally I love what Cate Blanchett wears but I wasn't feeling the silver sheath. Just eh.

Didn't get a good look at Katie Holmes' dress, but the waist up pic didn't look too promising. There is some thing very strange in her hair that looks like candy buttons.

And in other important news, next season of America's Next Top Model starts Wednesday.


hleighh said...

Cate looked a little too shiny and chilly... like a robotic version of herself.

I got a big kick out of your "varginal" post!

Professional Critic said...


Good call--Cate did look strangely distant and subdued, not her usual sparkling self. Perhaps she overdid the Botox and lost the ability to create facial expressions?

wareader said...

it's 11pm and i couldn't sleep so i thought i would read some of your old posts. i am laughing out loud. i can literally hear you speaking your written words. i can even see your facial expressions. hysterical.

loyal wa reader