Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Night Thoughts

Friday is a good time for quiet reflection. I did watch three hours of The Sopranos, season 6 tonight, so I guess that doesn't technically qualify as quiet reflection. Some great stuff in there. I know it won't end well, but I'm rooting for Vito to have some happy moments with his fireman/biker/short order cook boyfriend in this super gay New Hampshire live free or die town. This wife of Christopher's appeared out of nowhere, a watered down and much less interesting version of Adrianna. Poor man can't get enough substances in his body to erase the memories of his murdered fiance.

Moving into real life, I really don't care that Gavin slept with his friend and campaign manager's wife. Haven't we all learned by now that it is depressingly human to be an ace at your job and a disaster at your personal life? Bill Clinton being one famous example, but who even needs to look that far? Does this not describe you and everyone you know at one point or another in your lives?

Where in hell did that Bay Area sailor disappear to? Since I am a violently seasick landlubber I can think of few places I'd like to be less than a sailboat anywhere, let alone off the Farallons. Do you know what is lurking around the Farallons? Check out The Devil's Teeth. Really a great read but terrifying, if you're kookoo like I am and sometimes feel uneasy in the bathtub.

In a big surprise, Texas became the first state to mandate the HPV vaccine for young girls. There are many reasons spurring the conservative Republican governor to make this decision, such as having employed a Merck lobbyist as a former chief of staff and having accepted campaign donations from the company as well. But, it was the right decision, even if the motivations are highly suspect and Merck will make a boatload of money off of this and other states following suit. The right decision for the wrong reasons is a good place to start.

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