Saturday, October 21, 2006

See How I Suffer for These Feet?

Well, I finally found a pair of shoes on ebay. I wasn't sure how they would be since the picture was so little. It's a fine line between cool and hideous, and these looked like they could go either way. I took a risk (39.99 not such a huge risk, but still) and am pleased to report they are not bad! Sort of a mix between bowling shoes and sneakers, with some snazzy white piping. But the best part is that they are wides which means the Fred Flintstones are happy and there will be no horrible breaking in period where my feet are forced to forge new paths in the leather. They are Clarks, a brand that seems to be comfy and kind of stylish, sort of a step below Joseph Siebels and Stone Flys, I think.

I really don't even mind so much anymore that UPS left me only one notice, which they deemed their "last attempt," forcing me to drive out to the "Customer Service Center" by the Oakland Airport to pick them up. In theory this woudn't be so bad, but oh my GOD! Despite numerous brown-aproned clerks milling around wielding tape guns with no boxes in sight, there was a long line of people clutching their postcards and IDs out the door and down the wheelchair ramp. But that's all over now.

Google Ad Sense just alerted me to a website they want me to look at called Massey's, an online shoe store for ladies with big fat feet. I happily obliged--for once this ad thing could actually help--but yikes. Take a look and tell me what you think. There were a lot of shoes decorated with rivets. This is something I really don't understand. Maybe someone out there knows about the rivets, let us know.

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