Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Lucrative Career in Blogging

After just a few short weeks of working, I can already give it up for good. No, I haven't won the lottery--it's even better than that. I signed up with Google Ad Sense. You know, that irksome little ad that appears right above this posting! I allow advertisers to hawk their wares on my site and in return I make money. For the longest time the ad was for some Vicodin detox program. But now my little ad, or as I like to call it, "the retirement fund," is for an HPV treatment. Apparently the ads are supposed to be related to the content of your blog, so the advertising is targeted to things that you, and by extension, your readers, are interested in.

In theory, readers, that is "you people" as Nanny would say, read about something in the blog, then see an ad for a related product or service, are fascinated enough to click on it, generating income per click. So when I agreed to this program, I also agreed that I would not click on the ads myself to generate revenue, nor would I tell my readers to do so. I haven't, and my readers, who all have far too much sense to click on an ad for internet snake oil, don't either and as a result my retirement fund now stands at 7 cents.

And though I had to specify how I wanted to receive my windfall, I will need to wait until my balance reaches $1 before they'll mail the check. Since I had to provide my tax information, I guess I'll need to file estimated quarterly taxes for that dollar as well.

Perhaps it makes more sense to pimp out Miss Kitty to bed-bound seniors in need of animal companionship but I'm told that charging for that kind of service is frowned upon.


lynchb said...

mel g-
i clicked on your google ad and it is for some dude wanting to be the attorney general in WI. he is gunning for saving the sanctity of marriage fyi

Professional Critic said...

oh my god, really??? that is sick. i knew there was a good reason smart people won't fall for this ...