Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Superficial 'n Trashy

Is it so wrong that I am just fascinated by the Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen melodrama? Every week there is more sordid news from those quarters. First they separate, then they reconcile. Then they split, and it gets ugly. Denise accuses Charlie of carousing with hookers and downloading kiddie porn. Charlie denies and accuses Denise of launching a smear campaign. Then in the strangest twist, Denise is caught on camera smooching Richie Sambora, the ex of Denise's friend, Heather Locklear. Or former friend, I guess. This is better than Survivor. Since gas is like, $37 a gallon here, I may as well stay home and watch Access Hollywood for the latest.


Sandra C. said...

It's all Heather's fault. She and her friends from Motley Crue have been on a campaign to fix Denise up with one of their friends. It's really little surprise that she was caught smooching Ritchie Sambora. I'm glad to see that Denise is setting her sights higher than that loser Charlie.

Anonymous said...

oh melg-
i do miss you! all very funny!