Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fast Food Craving, Interrupted

If you're like me, you're constantly searching for new ways to spend more money on your pet. Well, you're in luck today. I just caught the tail end (sorry) of Good Morning America where they showcased must-have gadgets for your animal friends. I love them all, and find them all totally necessary but a few stand out. The Poopsadaisy is a dog backpack in which your furry friend can hump his own crap in style. The Fish School entices fish to play soccer and do the limbo to stave off boredom in their tanks. It has been years since I have had fish as a pet but they always seemed content to swim in circles and eat each other's poo. I don't know. Perhaps if I had been paying closer attention I would have heard their clamoring for Uno and Dean Koontz paperbacks.

Augh! In case Super Size Me didn't scare you off fast food, this story might just do it. For a school project, a girl in Florida tested ice from a few different fast food restaurants and discovered 70% of the ice samples were dirtier than toilet water. Ick.

But that being said, I will just say right out that I have not stopped eating fast food. Occasionally I do crave a break from bowls of Kashi sticks-n-twigs and that usually means the hormone laced delights from McDonalds. My favorite is the plain cheeseburger: flat as a pancake, a not-quite-natural shade of gray and smothered in "melted" cheese-food. Is there anything more yummy? The burger has to be completed with a soda, lots of ice. I'll try not to think about the colonies of e. coli making themselves at home.

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