Sunday, March 26, 2006

Antiquated Technology Hinders My Complaining

Well, I had wanted to write a blistering retort to the news that Ritalin caused psychosis in children. Just what the parents of an overactive kid really want! To find their child huddled under the diningroom table, gouging the insects and worms out of their downy skins. Anyone who has spent five minutes with a speed freak is well acquainted with the scarily obsessive picking and digging to ferret out imaginary critters making the epidermis home. But who really wants to think of their appropriately medicated child as a speed freak? The comparisons can't be avoided, though. And the kids also have the the occasional cardiac deaths to prove it, too. One article I read likened Ritalin as stronger than caffeine, not as strong as methamphetamine. In other words, ripe for recreational use. I'm intrigued.

But I have to face the facts: my dial-up connection simply does not allow for speedy research. In fact I am still waiting for the before and after kitchen pictures from my friend Jenn's blog to load. Alas.

Anyway, you've probably heard enough ranting about over-prescribing drugs and all of that. Well, I am planning a road trip with my camping buddy to Utah. And there are so many darn nice looking places to go in Utah that I need some help. And although I think only about 5 people read this blog, I am putting the word out for some feedback and recommendations. Zion? Bryce? Arches? We don't want to be overrun by RVs or by crazed extreme sports nuts that will refer to us as "dude" and ask us if we have a "flame" to light their campfire ... or anything else they might be lighting. Swimming would be great, hot springs even better. Dirt cheap is the best.

Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

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